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ALBUM ARTWORKS: CD,DVD,Tape,Vinyl, and other Artwork & Layout for Extreme Metal and other musical projects.
LOGOS: Custom logos, logotypes, fonts or signs for Metal and Non-Metal bands, labels, individuals, artists and other.
WEB SITE OR PROFILE DESIGN: Homepage design, Web profile layouts, banners, headers, animated stuff, etc.
POSTERS, FLYERS: Posters for gigs, metal posters layouts, flyers and other similar stuff.
GRAPHICS, DRAWINGS: Custom, individual Extreme Metal graphics and hand-drawn pictures for your album, band, t-shirt or else.
RE-CREATION, REMAKE: Re-make, re-creation, alternative versions of already existing art that needs to be re-created by one reason or another.
T-SHIRT ART: Graphics needed for a T-shirt and other wear.
OTHER ART: Book or magazine covers, custom border or frame designs, backgrounds for pages, patches and buttons and other...
Moon Ring Design creates almost any kind of designs for Extreme Metal and Non-Metal bands, labels and individuals. If You need a design help for your CD art, Logo, Custom Graphics or else, feel free to contact Us. We provide high quality and resolution images that are usable for more than just one thing usually. For example if You order a t-shirt design or a simple graphic image, you can also use it for album artwork or else, You are the owner of the rights to it.
Contact us to get a good Artwork for your band. Feel free to ask for prices.

C O N T A C T :

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Average Prices:

The Artwork is an important part of the musical project.
Creating Extreme Metal artwork takes time and usually the price depends on the detail and how complicated the idea is.
You can always ask if you have some average idea in your mind and we can tell you an average price as well.
We provide high quality and resolution works that are usable for almost any project, this is a good offer for serious projects that need an artwork that they can count on.
You can order one design for example and use it for few things, you own the rights to it.
On the Available Artworks there are prices already listed. If you are willing to buy more than one at once we can talk of a good price for this.
Album Artwork that needs to be created would cost similar to the prices listed on the website.
Your questions are always welcome!

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